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The following is our guide to what's on this week (17 April - 23 April 2018) in the world of youth development.

Premier League 2
Friday 20 April: Manchester United V Everton
Friday 20 April: West Ham V Arsenal
Friday 20 April: Newcastle United V Aston Villa
Sunday 22 April: Liverpool V Chelsea
Monday 23 April: Leicester City V Derby County
Monday 23 April: Swansea City V Sunderland
Monday 23 April: Aston Villa V Norwich City
Monday 23 April: Newcastle United V Fulham
Monday 23 April: Reading V Stoke City
Monday 23 April: Southampton V Middlesbrough
Monday 23 April: West Brom V Blackburn Rovers
Monday 23 April: Wolves V Brighton & Hove Albion

Under-18 Premier League
Tuesday 17 April: Blackburn Rovers V Stoke City
Tuesday 17 April: Sunderland V Middlesbrough
Tuesday 17 April: Wolves V Derby County
Wednesday 18 April: Chelsea V Tottenham
Wednesday 18 April: Southampton V Arsenal
Friday 20 April: Liverpool V Manchester United
Saturday 21 April: Middlesbrough V Sunderland
Saturday 21 April: Stoke City V Newcastle United
Saturday 21 April: Wolves V Everton
Saturday 21 April: Blackburn Rovers V West Brom
Saturday 21 April: Manchester City V Derby County
Saturday 21 April: Arsenal V Swansea City
Saturday 21 April: Fulham V West Ham
Saturday 21 April: Leicester City V Norwich City
Saturday 21 April: Reading V Brighton & Hove Albion
Saturday 21 April: Southampton V Aston Villa

Professional Development League 2
Tuesday 17 April: Queens Park Rangers V Bristol City
Thursday 19 April: Birmingham City V Bolton Wanderers
Thursday 19 April: Crewe Alexandra V Sheffield United
Thursday 19 April: Crystal Palace V Hull City
Friday 20 April: Barnsley V Burnley
Friday 20 April: Bristol City V Colchester United
Monday 23 April: Queens Park Rangers V Crewe Alexandra
Monday 23 April: Coventry City V Barnsley
Monday 23 April: Crystal Palace V Birmingham City
Monday 23 April: Charlton Athletic V Sheffield United
Monday 23 April: Millwall V Burnley
Monday 23 April: Bristol City V Leeds United
Monday 23 April: Cardiff City V Nottingham Forest
Monday 23 April: Colchester United V Sheffield Wednesday
Monday 23 April: Ipswich Town V Bolton Wanderers
Monday 23 April: Watford V Huddersfield Town

Under-18 League 2
Tuesday 17 April: Cardiff City V Barnsley
Tuesday 17 April: Millwall V Hull City
Tuesday 17 April: Leeds United V Ipswich Town
Tuesday 17 April: Watford V Colchester United
Tuesday 17 April: Birmingham City V Sheffield Wednesday
Wednesday 18 April: Crewe Alexandra V Bolton Wanderers
Friday 20 April: Nottingham Forest V Birmingham City
Saturday 21 April: Watford V Queens Park Rangers
Saturday 21 April: Crystal Palace V Millwall
Saturday 21 April: Barnsley V Sheffield United
Saturday 21 April: Bolton Wanderers V Leeds United
Saturday 21 April: Colchester United V Charlton Athletic
Saturday 21 April: Ipswich Town V Huddersfield Town
Saturday 21 April: Coventry City V Cardiff City

UEFA Youth League
Semi Finals:
Friday 20 April: Chelsea V Porto
Friday 20 April: Manchester City V Barcelona

Monday 23 April: Chelsea or Porto V Man City or Barcelona